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About Us
INDIA, the longest surviving civilization of the world, has successfully adapted to the changed natural, socio-political and geophysical changes of time. There is a continuous recorded history of this country for over 3000 years and a natural history since the Ice Age.

Experience INDIA so closely as you never thought of. The Soul of India in the distant parts of the geographical identity as the republic of INDIA. From the World's Highest Mountain to the Largest Delta, from the Arid Desert to the Tropical Greens, from the Riverine island to the Long Beaches Covering The Three Seas.

We are trying to make an intimate connection to the world culture through a journey of Indian Art, Music, Architecture, Dance, Craft and such common vehicle along with many uncommon vehicle as well.

Look for the cultural tours on our Theme Based Itineraries. welcome to the world of Intimate India.

Intimate India is an organisation made by young professionals, who are trained in TOURISM and Various other field of Culture and actively promote Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Culture.
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